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2017-01-19       306次阅读

Clean culture is a name everyone knows at this point. Notorious for their 1,000+ car events and east coast bangers, they brought things to a close this year in Los Angeles, CA at Dodger Stadium.

Packed full with the raw vibes of a parking lot meet, this event had every feel you could want in a California culture event. The CA scene is synonymous with quality, and this show was no different bringing out the usual suspects and new comers.

None the less, enjoy this murderous set via Mauricio Tsukuda and Nick Balman!

Fausto always bringing the heat and holding it down for the Thirdworld Fam

We hate you Wes, for real. One of our favorite, understated, 86’s in California.

Quite a few dope subies but we’ve been in love with Ryan‘s for awhile now. Color combo couldn’t get better.

We first saw this pair in Vegas for SEMA, such an epic duo and unique wrap job. Props to the Radi8 wheels squad!

Cloud cover made for a dramatic backdrop, nothing better than a California sunset.

Probably the classiest build of the day, Rick‘s Hakosuka.

Another of California’s 86 Elite, this thing is even more beastly in person.

Sellouts supply Tovar’s NSX is always dope to see in person. Never going out of style.

Laguna blue squad out in full force.

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